We are driving forward to penetrate the market overseas. Development of
our latest product will take the industries process a step further. The new
management control system will enable the end user to manage the
production line, trouble shoot and take control of their equipment process by
using one system. Incorporated with the HS & E process control it is the 1st
of the line of softwares to produce documented equipment status reports.
Since inception the company has excelled in providing the best customer
support imaginable. Working together with our customers has allowed us to
grow and build relationships.

Semiconductor Solutions supplies high performance modules and enclosures
in the Industrial, Pharmaceutical & Semiconductor Industry. Our diverse
market experience allows us to keep up with the latest technology and
supply our customers with a state of the art system. Our experience
connecting to the digital world keeps our equipment in demand. Our
systems not only display operations but interfaces to manufacturing tools
and networking systems.
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Chemical Enclosures and Tanks
All Stainless Steel Class I Div II
Explosion proof Chemical
Poly Pro corrosive Chemical

M2100-CRS Chemical Reclaim System
Semiconductor Fab Fishkill, NY.
  • Custom Proprietary tanks in
    Stainless Steel, PVDF & PFA
  • Cabinets manufactured in
    Halar, PVCC, Poly Pro & PVDF
  • Custom built proprietary
    Valves & Pumps. The only
    system designed with Pillar
    fitted connections.
Low Cost Chemical Delivery Systems
1. Chemical System Retrofit- will offer 1 year warranty with a cost
savings of 30-50K. We will remove your existing system at no cost.
2. Reclaim System- will provide a 6 month ROI. Many customers are
installing reclaim system to lower chemical consumption.
3. M1200 Lowest priced chemical delivery system in the world.